Street Style Fu-Sion ⚜


Hoping for great wellness of y’all. I am here with a completely new thing that I tried, created this fusion look which is even more of a bohemian look. We all crush over some of our mom’s clothes and keep wondering how to wear them and utilise them for our personal use. Don’t we?! So that’s all what I’m gonna talk about in today’s post.

So I raided my mom’s closet and found this magnificent cape with such a lovely raja rani print. It’s such an old cape, one from her early wedding days wardrobe. And all I wanted to do was create a voguish look. So I paired this cape with a black knitted cowl neck mid dress. Pulled on my pair of camel wedge boots. I accessorised it with papermashie fuchsia bangles, again which are from my mom’s vanity; a golden watch ring from my grandma’s vanity and a kundan ear cuff. Keeping up with light makeup and twisted and pined my hair up. There ready in a fusion look with a traditional kinda cape. 

Hope you liked my idea of recreating looks with some of our mom’s best clothes. Happy reading. And don’t forget to drop down your review. Until then xoxo. ☺️


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Black Dress – Flea Market 

Cape – Mom’s Closet

Bangles – Mom’s Vanity

Watch Ring – Grandmas Vanity 

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