Now Get A Homely Feel Even On Your Travel Expeditions Through Traveling Spoon


Traveling spoon founders stephanie lawrence and aashi vel are working hard to fulfill travelers’ basic and most-demanding need, that is, food, across the globe. What if we tell you that a native host will await you on your next destination?

Yes, that’s exactly what traveling spoon provides. A traveler can now experience home-made authentic dishes of the place he/she is traveling to, simply by booking a spot at the host’s house. What more? Traveling spoon is not only fulfilling traveler’s needs but also the host’s need of showcasing their culinary skills and talent.
All you have to do is, visit their website and follow the steps to become a host for your country/city.

To book a private meal, either lunch or dinner, or even a cooking class with the world’s finest cooks, all you have to do is enter your travel destination on the website and look for hosts in that region. Follow the steps and you will end up enjoying a meal in the comfort of a home in an all-new place. Sounds exciting? Then apart from just booking your flight tickets the next time, also book your meals simultaneously, to make it a perfect trip that’ll be remembered for a lifetime and an experience you will cherish forever!

For all those interested in trying your hand at cooking on your travel expedition, traveling spoon lets you cook your own meal too. Doesn’t it seem like an excellent idea to learn to make some delicious authentic food with the locals? You not only take back a great experience along with you but also learn a few new dishes that can be recreated back home. A cooking class+meal is a very popular experience provided by none other than traveling spoon. The happiness of eating a meal cooked by one’s own hands in a different place altogether, is sure to boost your self-confidence!

Traveler hailey shares her experience with traveling spoon: “we loved our cooking experience in hanoi! Our host was gracious and fun. We enjoyed learning to make traditional vietnamese dishes and are excited to share them with friends and family back in the states!”

Traveling spoon destinations include india, china, bangladesh, cambodia, malaysia, mexico, indonesia, japan, thailand, singapore, south korea, nepal, philippines, taiwan, turkey, sri lanka and vietnam.
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