Hello Spring


When all the brands and online sites featured spring collection, I felt an intense urge to buy floral outfit. I already had florals in my wardrobe, but who likes to repeat same outfits again and again 😛 , so I bought this pretty midi skirt from MYNTRA. The best thing about floral outfit is that you can pair it with everything and anything you want, because the colourful flowers would definately add an edge and enhance your look. The crop top is something to die for. I was sold for it because of its mesh detalings at the neckline and also because it is off shoulder.. 😀

Coming to the accessories, this post is in collabration with BLINGLANE. It is an online accessories site where you could find beautiful jewellery which would bling you up.. 🙂 I got this gorgeous victorian glory pendant set from blinglane. Its embedded bling crystals and gold touch made me fall in love with it. I paired it with my floral outfit which did a complete justice to the entire  outfit.

Sight_2016_03_26_133132_870 (1)

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