Florals with Benefits


This spring, flowers will be blooming everywhere. Nothing new about that? These florals will be popping up outside your yard: on pants, skirts, dresses, and more. Floral prints have long been a staple of women’s clothing; and there’s a wide variety of designs out there to keep most body shapes and style personalities happy. For many of us floral prints represent beach wear, summer dresses and floaty blouses and they range from country garden blooms and overgrown flowers, to more gothic looking and creative prints. In the modern fashion industry, these prints are being used on all kinds of clothing and for all seasons.

 Floral prints are classic, modern, and colourful all at the same time, so many of us find it quite difficult  to choose the right floral print to wear.In such a situation one should always  go with what one is instantly attracted to and trust the yearning of one’s inner style personality. So we styled three different looks keeping in mind certain key points. The first look had a very bright and casual look , the second look had a sporty and bold appeal to it and the third look was very feminine and dainty. 


We selected a blue colored short jumpsuit which had complex floral print scattered on the entire outfit.The jumpsuit alone was very simple so we accessorised it with colored beaded neckpiece and bracelet set and a pink backpack which was a suitable contrast to the outfit. To give the look a sporty look we selected a grey coloured spiked shoes. 

JOE_9687JOE_9584 JOE_9616 JOE_9641 JOE_9658


For the second look we chose a wine coloured dress which had huge flower prints and layered it with a powder blue colored denim shirt to give the outfit a sporty and bold appeal.We accessorised it a single strand beads neckpiece and funky bracelet.We paired the outfit with  platform sandals and a sling bag.

JOE_9730 JOE_9746 JOE_9716 JOE_9772 JOE_9745


We opted for a baby pink maxi for the third look which had flower print detailing on the yoke and hem. As the maxi was very feminine and dainty in its outlook,so we kept the accessories very less.We accessorised the outfit with a triple layered beads neckpiece and a hand piece (hathphool) having star detailing.  

JOE_9975 JOE_9931 JOE_9927 JOE_9899 JOE_9896


Look 1: Jumpsuit from Emami market

  Look 2: Dress from Delhi

  Look 3: Maxi from Bangkok



  Look 1:Pearl neck piece and bracelet from      


  Look 2:Single strand beaded neck piece from

             Bangkok and bracelet from from a local


  Look 3:Triple layered neck piece from Bangkok

               and hand piece from                             



  Look 1: Shoes from Emami market and Backpack

               from Mumbai

 Look 2: Shoes from Bangkok and bag from Imphal

 Look 3: Shoes from Esplanade.


Here are a few points which according to us one should consider while going for something in florals: 


There are thousands of options when it comes to floral prints. They come in a mix of varied colours from the brightest to the lightest of them. Dainty flowers, small prints, huge flowers are all a part of floral prints. However every kind of print is unique and suits a different body type. If you’re shorter in height and on the bulkier side, choose smaller prints. If you prefer styles that are simple and sophisticated, try looking for a print that features small, miniature flowers. A finer print is not only appropriate for the office and work place, but is a great way to bring in a feminine touch. If you prefer to rock statement patterns, a print featuring larger flowers will work best for you. Look for bright colors, vibrant designs and eye-catching details.


Bright colors look good on slim people so choose a color that would suit your skin tone and figure. Warm pastel colors suit everyone but more so for people who are a bit heavy. They are delicate looking and sophisticated in appearance.



Choose accessories that contrast the prints. As floral print dress has a busy look, so your accessories should be plain and simple, just the way we have done. We accessories all of our looks with simple pearl neck pieces to keep the outfit the highlight of the look.

 JOE_9671 JOE_9800 JOE_9875


Invariably, wedges and flat heeled shoes suit floral prints more than anything else.

If you are very tall then you can consider wearing flats that look delicate. Remember that floral prints are very delicate in looks and you have to match the look by wearing delicate accessories and shoes.

 According to us these are few things which should be kept in mind while opting for a floral outfit.

We hope that these little points will help you guys in selecting the right outfit.Hope you guys have enjoyed this post of ours and stay tuned for further updates and as we say be fashionably blessed !



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