Compiling Wardrobe Staples


“It’s not what you wear, it’s how you wear” I truly agree with this quote. We all girls struggle with the question “What to wear today?” Don’t we?
When it comes to looking your best without making too much effort can be a challenging task. So today I’ve decided to share with you some of my ideas on how to look well put up without making too much effort.
One of the most common things which we have in or wardrobes are T-shirts,tops,jeans,dresses.

Let’s start with Simple T’s

image 1

Wearing simple T with skin fit jeans will make you look simple yet sleek.  Adding accessories such as a layered necklace or maybe sunglasses will look well put up. If you are comfortable enough to pull over those strappy heels then good on you and it will definitely make you look 10 times better.
Also to give a professional look during meetings or seminars throw on a Blazer like I did or maybe a camel coat will look very very Tumblr. Here climate conditions are not suitable to wear a camel coat because you’ll die outta heat.

Styling tops & jumper/hoodies.

This is my favourite bit. It can turn you into a airport travelling person to a celeb in a minute but all you need is to wear them thoughtfully.

Here I’ve styled a black long sleeved top,lace top,peplum top & a jumper.

image 2

image 3

I upgraded this look by pairing it with brown skater skirt, accessories, bag & sunglasses.

You can also go with the body con skirt and maybe some amazing stilettos.

image 4

This look is perfect for day to day wear. I wore a white peplum top with skin fit ice blue jeans and a leather bag. To upgrade more you can either wear oversized denim jacket or go for the body con skirt.

image 5

This is probably the “I’m late outfit”

If you get late for work like me then that’s for you my friend. Throw on a jumper with jeans and you are ready to go! Or throw the jeans and try with denim shorts with a up-do and sunglasses with your bag. Effortless but very sleek look. Maybe try fish tail braid with a pop of pink lipstick! Perfect!

image 6

Lace tops are everything. I adore lace. However styling them can be a bit difficult for me in this condition. It wasn’t really going with darker toned things. So if you have a white lace top try to pair it with cool toned colours to balance out and if your lace top is black then throw a black jeans or maybe a flipping amazing denim shorts and bam you are good to go!


Styling jeans.

image 7

Styling jeans with a cute little cut out top or maybe a bodysuit looks flaming gorgeous like just beautiful. I’ve paired skinny fit jeans with my see through top.

image 8

Also styling lace or detailed top with a bad ass ripped boyfriend jeans will look very NewYork. Over sized denim jeans with a simple T + a denim jacket + sunglasses+ heels or sneakers = BOMB AF.

You can also style jeans with lace tops, or simple t, detailed sequenced tops by throwing a cardigan. Or if you have winters where you stay then a long camel coat or long trench coats will go smoothly. There are endless ways to style jeans!


I can finally say that Summer is coming and I’m beyond excited about it. Denim shorts are definitely a thing in summer. Here are some of the ways how I love to wear it.

image 9

If you even stick with basics, such as a black t or a shirt top thing, will make you look like a day dream. You can dress it up by wearing sunglasses, hat or accessories and flats. That would look cute.

image 10

Incorporating into a denim jacket will boost up your look. Obviously just tying it across your waist and adding the grunge look. You can also add ankle boots to be extra comfortable.

Leather Jackets!

Even if it’s like 50 degrees here in Mumbai I still go out with leather jacket sometimes. It’s just one of the element in wardrobe which makes you look magical. Leather jackets are the bomb and I don’t mind wearing them here.

Here are some of the ways how I styled leather jacket.

image 11

With a simple white dress. It just pulls over the look elegantly and gracefully. It can also go on with light toned dresses. Specially sky blue,mint or dusty pink dresses. If you’re wearing leather jacket with a dress, make sure your dress is having a pop of colour so that the whole outfit won’t look dark as my soul.

image 12

image 15

As leather jackets go with dresses they go perfectly with tops. Here I just wore a basic stripped top with boyfriend jeans and leather jacket. It looks Tumblr. Legit. You can also go with simple T or turtle necks, a pair of boyfriend jeans and leather jacket. That will make you look just insane. (Obviously in a good way)

Even a white bodysuit will look great!

image 13

image 14

This is my Favourite look so far which included Leather jacket.

I literally grabbed a simple black long sleeved top with a brown skirt and leather jacket. Instantly I turned into Tumblr AF.


Dresses are cute and very gentle I guess. However there are different categories of dresses on how you want to look. In simple words, If you want to look cute buy a skater dress, if you need sexy or hot look try with body con dresses or backless dresses. If you want to rock the red carpet go with a embellished maxi dress.

image 16

For dresses I don’t really pair it or layer it with more clothing pieces, because I just love to go with the flow. Sometimes if I feel like the look feels incomplete then I go with layering. i.e Jackets or kimonos.

image 17 image 18

For bodycon dresses just wear the dress because they are designed for you to embrace your body rather than covering it up with a jacket. Also body con dresses are my absolute fav they look DOPE and you know I receive compliments 😛

image 19

Lace dresses look gorgeous and they are in trend right now so try few of those!

To give your dresses a elegant look just go with cute accessories such as layered necklace,sling bags.

These were some of my ideas on how to style various pieces of clothing, hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. Thank you so much for reading and hope to see you on my website soon 🙂

Have a great day x