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Hello lovely people!

Finallyyy our vacations have started and we are here giving you some awesome ideas to make your life really simple! ?

Looking simple yet beautiful has been quite difficult always. Hairdo, eyemake, matching attire, Damn Damn Damn! We need to plan everything before looking presentable. Now no one wants to look overdressed at any occasion right?


What if in few steps you could look just the way you want too? You think its impossible? Then we are here to make it possible ( Feels like a superwomen?)

Won’t be wasting much time and getting back to the topic!

So here we go!

Smoky eyes has always been the best option! But many find it difficult too! But we are here with just three simple steps, surprised?


Step 1 :  Apply a base eyeshadow on your eyes, it could be silver or gold.

Step 2 : Apply the colour of your outfit in the inner corner of your eyes. Apply it on half of the eye.

Step 3 : Use Black colour in the outer corner making a “>” shape at the end. Cover most of the eye with black and again use the outfit colour in the inner corner to highlight it!


Haha, finally got the trick? Go try it J

Twisty twist, a hairstyle which is perfect for a party outfit and as well with formal wear. Most people face problem when it comes to hairdo for formal wear and as I said we are here to rescue so let’s see what the steps are. 😉


Step 1 : Make a side parting of your hair (whichever side you wish to keep them).

Step 2 : Take all your hair from behind and pin it on the side where you are keeping it open.

Step 3 : take your front hair and twist it while adding few from beneath. Then pin it up at the back of your ear.


How simple and pretty! Isn’t it? We are sure it will look good on you too.

Bridge, a beautiful hairstyle for party or with a traditional outfit.

Step 1 : Do some twists and turns on the front side so it won’t look incomplete & secure it with a pin.

Step 2 : Take a small part of your hair from the back of your ear and start doing a normal braid. After 2 or 3 braids, add the extra hair which is left open in the braid. Make sure you don’t involve them in the braid, just add it separately and leave the addition and continue with the braid.

Step 3 : Do the same thing till the end of another ear! Then pin the left out hair on the back of your ear so that it doesn’t look abrupt!

Did you see the beautiful bridge? The only reason why we named it as a Bridge hairstyle.??

Hope you guys have enjoyed this post! Do check out our blog for Beauty Hacks, DIY ideas and lot more.


Until then,

lots of love and hugs.


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