7 Indian Geeks Who Dated Some Of The Hottest Bollywood Celebrities


There is still hope for the ‘Guys Next Door’ like ourselves! These guys prove that all you need is a good heart to win over beautiful women!

1) Sandeep Toshniwal – CEO of a Pharmaceutical Company

Last we checked, both Karishma Kapoor and Sandeep were filing for divorce with their respective spouses so they could get married! If that isn’t filmy enough, rumours suggest that Sandeep’s wife has refused to sign the divorce papers and is demanding 5 crores in alimony! Oof Mirchi!

2) Rahul Sharma – Co-Founder of a Mobile Company

Now that is a seriously good-looking geek, we agree; but a geek, nevertheless. Asin, who is dating the 36 year old entrepreneur for quite a few years now, plans to get married later this year! Isn’t that just sweet?

3) Sabeer Bhatia – Software Entrepreneur

Not only did he openly proclaim his plans to marry Aishwarya Rai to the world, but Salman Khan who was in love with Aishwarya at the time, burnt Sabeer’s fingers with a cigarette ‘by accident.’ Salman added, “Now you finally have ASH on your fingers.” Now that’s we call a love triangle!

4) Anupam Mittal – Dotcom Entrepreneur

Anupam and model Aanchal Kumar, who had been dating for several years, finally tied the knot in 2013 at a destination wedding in Jaipur. Anupam, who is also the CEO of a matrimony website, gifted Aanchal the dream wedding she always wanted!

5) Armaan Gujral – Entrepreneur

Humshakals actress Esha Gupta was in a very serious relationship with Armaan for quite some time and they were in fact about to get married! The only problem? Armaan’s family was uncomfortable with her acting career and they insisted that she quit. Esha chose her career over a husband and is currently single. You go, girl!

6) Dr. Shriram Madhav Nene – Cardiovascular Surgeon

Madhuri Dixit and Dr. Nene’s love story is such that it is loved by all! In an interview, Madhuri revealed why she chose to marry him: He can cook better! We hope you are taking notes, guys!

7) Raj Kundra – College Dropout, Entrepreneur

Shilpa Shetty, who met Raj shortly after her stint in the Big Brother house, got married to him in 2009. Rich and successful, theirs is a modern day fairy tale!