28 Bollywood Celebrities & Their First Instagram Posts


Even though these stars are now pros at Instagramming, they too had to start somewhere. Here are first instapics of Bollywood stars that you just can’t afford to miss :

Varun Dhawan’s first post was this picture of him celebrating his ‘Bade Bhaiyya’s’ birthday2755317bbe115db2e135469935104319

Ranveer’s was a ‘Thank you’ video for all his fans with the hashtag #4YearsOfRanveerab0ae9a415a551ddf03efe967a31d41e 

Deepika charmed us for the first time on Instagram by posting a video of her with the hashtag #LimitedEdition893daafc9fd9f299e2bb903b6f69c6e2

And Arjun decided to let the picture do all the talking beb06d9e60d0970648f376412f568b63

Anil Kapoor shared a collage of him from the time when he walked the ramp for Raghavendra Rathore8582eadba132e5ad3bdfaa174171b73b (1)

And Anushka Sharma posted this picture of her with a witty caption “First steps” 25fc96d09f1d8161340d5ae76cca8197

Sonam’s first was this picture of her from the time when she was sick, and probably really boredb1f99e1efacbd9274d2fd1d88e9576c6

Priyanka’s was this selfie with a close friend2ba136327ec1cb358414aa4d6cfb209b

Salman’s was this exclusive picture from his sister Arpita’s wedding3fcfdf20866e191b98bfe4d0f58c88bb

Sonakshi’s was this selfie celebrating 700 followers on instagram64bfbe909cc3c53adc5f473946b6c133

Abhishek’s first was with Indian cricket’s first man Dhonie9700d250472b925b1369aa7533321fe

Riteish Deshmukh’s was this crazy find from the sets of Double Dhamaal e9d1c5200c27a1c08ea9876ef86b4b34

Akshay’s was this picture celebrating 6 Million fans on Facebook!9d80ef6befbe7b355c42fcc849a51049

Nargis Fakhri’s was this thoughtful post asking people to support the mission to save the last male northern white rhino22170b880aae0d194193bb9c7f97de66

Esha Gupta’s was this adorable selfie with the legendary Rishi Kapoor283b1e3c8784c81dc88493f3eef2298a

Shruti’s was this beautiful Pocahontas selfie that we think is so much better than the original48e462c6d6622360b60be8967de23248

And Lisa Haydon’s was this picture from her movie promotion in the Bigg Boss house74953c0d720984cd130ca16f50d674b6

Parineeti’s was this awesome collage of all her fans on her birthday fd035fe686a1c1ed7c95ecaf1c828774

Jacqueline’s was this gorgeous black and white picture that is the classiest one we’ve ever seen 0cda5f120fa5d8eb93fcf3867c9d34cd 

Shahid’s was this picture from the promotion of his movie ‘Phata Poster Nikhla Hero’3415934f4a287280f854ddc064064573

Bipasha’s was this sultry photoshoot picture from her young modelling days f5f8fa56ed5d59e4f8e3e9cb81ffcec6

Arjun Rampal’s was a picture of Nick which we honestly do not understand28d836ff48ec62ccd537c5f1aca6a49f

Shraddha Kapoor’s is this dreamy selfie that made us fall more in love with her 68cc75eb97429de8c049ed15c5f1fc79

Alia’s was this picture of her very first charcoal masterpiece181310f4547e7be7b53c89e8c751d295

The Angry Old Man’s was this All Smiles picture from Gujurat3c8458c8917d0ad1dd4ea011e986c5d1

Athiya’s was this touching throwback family picture 67a386e1654a03920bb8a6b3b101db72

Sunny Leone’s was this adorable selfie with her hubby 3044e3872dc6359bf4bca665d6cb3b72

Karan Johar’s was this picture of his tree of life8cd7468aa33c3626a3439e362beed1ea