Top 11 Fashion Bloggers From Lucknow You Must Follow


What is Lucknow known for? Ask anyone and all you get to hear is the endless saga of how good the food in Lucknow is; the chikankari suits, reminiscences of Nawabi era and the infamous elephant park.

The answer remains common, because this how we have been showcasing our city for time immemorial. But is that Lucknow all about? Definitely Not! The city has so much to offer beyond the Said & the Seen.

#Lavanya Srivastava

This trend-savvy girl sports elevated everyday looks that any fashion enthusiast would swear by. Both her blog and Instagram page are a visual treat. Her fashion sense is amalgamated with unmatched poise and that makes Lavanya stand out.

#Anjali Mishra

If you’re a college girl looking for style inspiration, then TAD TOO TRENDY is one you shouldn’t miss. A stylish fashion blogger from Lucknow, Anjali puts together a range of looks from everyday style to ethnic occasional wear. The fact that she incorporates various affordable brands across the board, makes her looks a lot easier to style. Well, there is more than just one reason why you need to follow her.

#Freedom Chandel

Her theme is inspired by her name Freedom, a 23-year-old Blogger from Lucknow. A dentist by profession and influencer by nature, she began modelling in 2016 when she was crowned as Miss Uttar Pradesh where she discovered her love for the camera. Dressing up and getting clicked has since been her favourite hobby, therefore blogging came naturally to her. In no time people started recognising her and that worked as a great motivation.
The casual carefree vibes, mood dictated feed not bound by the monotony of filter themes.
She have worked for various local and national chains of hotels, salons and clothing brands.

#Nainika Kalita

‘Oh you’re dusky! loud makeup will not suit you’ ‘don’t wear that colour’ ‘try some products’, This is a story of three out of five girls, Mostly girls with dark colour low their confidence after listening all this. But not anymore, THATBLACKLASHGIRL shows us that ‘Bold Is Beautiful’ Kicking the ass of colour rules she stood up with some coolest and classy looks that everyone is attracted to!!


Shrizan brings an impeccable sense of style to her exploration of fashion. From everyday look to festive look inspiration, Hairstyle to sporting chic accessories, Shrizan’s blog will come handy to all the fashion addicts.

#Shishta Maurya

She is one of Lucknow’s coolest fashion blogger that aims at combining comfort and gorgeous looks in one frame. The reason she is one of the most followed fashion bloggers is that she shares looks that are unique and trendy at the same time. If you are a student of BBA college in Lucknow and are bored of sporting the same looks on all occasions, then Shishta’s blog is your one-stop solution.

#Gauri Singh

Last but not the least, If you’re curious about how to style some of the season’s best items, turn to Gauri Singh, a beautiful fashion blogger from Lucknow !! Again, fashion that is totally doable for the everyday girl, Gauri’s looks are easy to recreate and are absolutely pocket-friendly and trendy. If your someone who is looking to put together fashion-forward style statements, following Gauri will definitely help you out.

#Navleen Kaur

No one will deny that we all hate Dentists, but this Dentist is to adore for!! What’s most noticeable about this fashion blogger from Lucknow style is that it is continuously and dynamically changing. From flirty traditional wear to stylish androgynous fashion, she consistently experiments with and expands her wardrobe. Her blog THATKAURGIRL is among the most influential fashion blogs of Lucknow.

#Ritu Singh Rajput

A beautiful and stylish advocate!! Ritu started BEYOUTIFULBEYOUU to showcase her creativity. This fashion blogger from Lucknow serves up both practical and aspirational style ideas. Plus, her humour is straight-up delightful.
Fashion for me is classy. Any statement of fashion can be trendy but there needs to be some class when you were something(eyecatching).

#Shubhi Garg

Shubhi is my first encounter when it comes to Fashion Blogging in Lucknow. This girl is quite a diva in every sense. The confidence and poise she portrays in her looks is what makes her a stunner. Be it her ethnic look or her chic avatar, Shubhi has been giving us major fashion goals. She runs a blog PickerAtPace and has a popular Instagram account with the same name.

#Jagriti Singh Rajput

Jagriti Singh Rajput is a talented 21 years old fashion content creator from Lucknow.
Jagriti started few years back and her blog is all about street style and grunge fashion. Fashion Herald couldn’t help noticing this young blogger and her great work.