What They Say About Blogging Profession


Have you ever wondered if you could learn from the people who have already done a lot in blogging profession??

Yes, for you we contacted them and they poured out their heart and soul for you to learn. Like how are you supposed to instantly produce a moving masterpiece out of thin air?

I just feel overwhelmed to share these verdicts from them.

  • Nischita Babu aka Myblackskirt

Hi, I am Nischita. I blog about my personal style on My blog is an extension of me. I believe in comfort clothing. I love casuals, I am mostly in my distressed jeans and tee.  It’s basically simple, plain and yet spunk. I quit my high paying IT job to start writing about fashion. So that reflects my love for fashion. My 9 to 5 job was not satisfying and I never felt content. Styling and fashion kept calling me and overnight I made my decision to step up my blog. It took almost 15 days to set my blog, I did my first shoot and I am here today.It’s been a little over 18 months. I wear what I believe and write about my personal style.I believe in quality rather than staying current.i am more connected to Instagram. I write what I feel, what I wear, so I hardly organise.I spend time on articles pertaining to vegan food, clean eating and read a lot about yoga. I believe in “Chase your dreams…” therapy.

  • Devangana Arora aka Devangana Arora

I am pursuing post graduation from IP University. I am 21 years old. My journey has been very exciting and lot of lessons I have learnt. I have been a part of lot of things. I have done business, modeling, teaching. But fashion was something which fascinated me. So I started with fashion and lifestyle blogs. Being a Literature honours student, writing is almost a part of me in my life. I started meeting new people and maintaining contacts with them. I consider television as one of my foremost form of social media.  When it comes to advertisement I believe that advertisement should be real and should connect to common- man’s day to day activities.

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  • Shaily Srivastava aka Shai_zee

I’m an Engineer and Mba by education and profession but a fashion blogger by passion. My blog’s name is “The Mode Tree” ( The Fashion Tree). I am a personal style and lifestyle blogger.I was always interested in Fashion but was not sure what I can do in it. During my engineering days in VIT, Vellore, my interest grew more and more in fashion. After completing my MBA from Cardiff Business School, I wrote my first blog and got a very good response. Since then there is no looking back. My blog is 10 months old. I consider “Content is King”. Content is must for making online presence. Content attracts traffic and this I can tell you as a blogger and as an Account Manager.I read a lot of international fashion blogs and fashion magazines. I will soon add categories to my blog that will be Fashion , Lifestyle and Travel blogs. I advice to advertiser who wants to advertise with me which I consider it as my mantra
“Live and Let Live “.

  • Srishty Singh aka Thechicsdepartment

I am a person who loves to document her everyday trial and error with fashion because I believe it’s a lifestyle, we live it .. so lets wear it ! A botanist by profession and a fashion blogger by quest.I always had that inclination towards trends, styles and above all experimentation. It was 2016 when I decided I have to devote time to this now. Writing is a soul here no matter how brilliant content you have in your mind, if you cannot frame it well, its null and void. I make sure I am not unaware of any hot trend of the season.Facebook, Instagram , youtube, roposo, wooplr and snap chat for now (in no particular order of preference ) . I like to read about fashion, travel and lifestyle a lot. What I mostly write now is fashion and DIYs. I would really like to convey that if you want to take up blogging, do that only if you are truly passionate about it.Do not lose heart, it’s a slow process but worth it if this satiates your soul .

  • Chandni Chaudhary aka Nomadicallychic

I am a postgraduate from Miranda House, University of Delhi. My blog Nomadically Chic gets it’s name from the nomad like life I lead. I started blogging one year from now. Like most people I was nervous of constant criticism or scrutiny I might be under. I however came over my fear . Nothing would have been possible without my fashion photographer/ husband’s support in life, cheers to my supportive partner. Till day I personally try to add as much personality to any piece of my work as I possibly can. I see an inclination towards all things posh in life, Haha! Fashion, lifestyle, makeup and fitness posts is what I see myself juggling. Adding up fitness as well.When it comes to creating content I go through magazines, newspapers paper to internet mining.I believe in keeping in sync with the international fashion scenario. is a work in progress and I’m totally ecstatic about it. So far however I’ve used WordPress to scribble my fashion journey. I am learning and growing.There’s a long journey ahead of me and I can’t wait to live it all, thanks.

  • Shivali Chauhan aka Classifiedbird

I am shivali chauhan ,fashion and lifestyle blogger from Delhi , India . My blog is all about enhancing and portraying fashion and style. is an Indian blog ,street style and beauty blog for all like minded people. Being from a non fashion background, I faced difficult and there was a sense of struggle in the process of growing. From understanding style and knowing from it comes from, I worked hard. I feel content writing is important because one can steal your style but not what you thoughts or soul. I keep myself updated by reading magazine and connected to social media ,majorly Instagram. I focus on my unique sense of styling. I advice that you must have some basics in your wardrobe. From apparels to accessories. Basic wardrobe is what which keeps you alive and allow you to play with trends.

❤❤The only way to move forward is to focus on the good in your life and the good that you are doing for others and yourself. My past has shown me things in life, others and myself that I wouldn't wish upon anyone, but I can choose to pick up the pieces and build a beautiful life for myself and help others to do the same❤❤ Post in collaboration @stoln_fashionaccessories Tap for d deets ? #instablog #fashionblogger#fashion #makeuplove #lifestyle #Lifestyleblogger #blogger #bloggerlove #bloggernation #beautiful #fashionbloggers #instablogger#blog #collaboration #indianblogger #fashionista #indianfashionblogger #indianfashion #delhibloggers #delhiblogger #popxodaily #bloggers #PoPxoDaily #popxoblognetworks #bloggerlife #popxofeatures

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  • Mayank Ralhan aka Delhiwaale

Hi I am Mayank Ralhan and I am software engineer by profession working in MNC. I started reading tech blogs regularly as I like that a lot I got to know about Instagram. I decided to give it a try. I created my account and somehow lost it. I started again with a new and much common name – Delhiwale.  I think posting picture is one thing but make people understand your perspective is done only by writing. In this world full of distracting and I prefer expressing myself in 3-4 words. I am out mostly to capture the city and now people are using the hashtag #delhiwale to get featured on my post. Every post on delhiwale is an amazing work done by many who have contributed from all around the world.I prefer reading natgeo a lot and the various techniques related to photography. I am planning to move forward with tech post .I would add the proud moment for us, the time we got feature in Hindustan Times newspaper. It was a total surprise for being a 1 year old account and getting featured in HT was a proud moment. I believe photography is not limited to better and expensive lenses its about making that frame alive and speak by itself.