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One of the biggest issues we have with our hair is that we do not always know when our hair is growing or not. And apparently end up taking wrong decisions for our hair.

So before you big chop again or dive into some creamy crack, answer several questions honestly before you think your hair will never grow long:

1. What is more important to you: Healthy Hair or Long Hair?


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If healthy hair is your second priority, you need to rethink your attitude about your hair. Promoting a healthier attitude about your hair will propel you to be more proactive about promoting healthy hair. The length will come in time. You take care of your hair health if you want lengthy  hair.


2. Are you washing your hair? 


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Every type of hair need suitable nutrients to grow healthier. You must go for oil massage as the polluted environment and sunlight leave bad effects on your hair. I do not recommend shampooing often. So you can shampoo twice a week and try to do a good mud wash towards the end of every month and trust me, you will feel a difference!


3. Are you trimming? 



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I know many naturals get scissor-happy when it comes to trimming. I am almost convinced many naturals do not know the difference between shedding (which is normal) to breaking (which is not)

Breaking is long strands of hair falling out, regardless of how gentle you are where as Shedding is Strands in your natural hair pattern falling out, especially during a shampoo or rinse, but too much shedding is not at all good. So you need to keep an eye on it.


4. Are you moisturizing often?


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Natural hair NEEDS constant moisture, yes I said CONSTANT. Even if it’s just a bit of water from a spray bottle. You should keep one with you. You should actually spritzing your hair with water at work because it is the perfect time to allow sun light to work on those moisturized opened pores on your scalp.


5. How much heat are you using, are your doing hot oil treatments or what type of products are you using?



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Try not to use heat on your hair and even you need it you must apply some heat protection cream on your hair. you should definitely go for oil treatments and hair spa timely . As well as choose the hair products you use according to your hair type and do not forget to see the ingredients of which your hair product is made up of and is it healthy for your hair or not.

Basically there are many questions you have to answer honestly to ensure you are not preventing your hair from growing.

But if you can answer these questions honestly you will definitely find the loop hole for not growing healthier hair. So now ready to have healthy hair.I wish you happy and healthy hair.

Thank You 🙂