The Story of the Mahabharata In Modern Art


Mahabharat is one of the greatest epic of Indian Subcontinent.
The name it self is unique in suggesting the cultural and spiritual unity of the subcontinent. This concept of encompasses entire Indian subcontinent and emphasizes on the magnitude of the dimensions of the epic.


Arjun is in the middle of all the action.


img29 Karan – Arjun’s arch-rival and the tragic hero of the Mahabharata


Bheem – The strongest Pandava


Krishna – The Pandavas had a God on their side.


img25 Krishna – Who was in many ways, the game-changer.


img2Duryodhan – Bheem’s arch-enemy waiting for the final battle 


img17An Open Invitation


Pitamaha Blesses
One of many moments from the Mahabharata where you see why it’s the best epic ever.


img16Yuyutsa Accepts


Arjun Invokes War-Goddess


Convincing the Hero
When Krishna turned the tide by killing Arjun’s doubts.


Battle Pandavas


Battle Kauravas

Pandava Conch – To signal ‘game on’


Abhimanyu Slaughter

Karna vs Ghatotkach
Bheem’s son has never looked this badass.


War End


Markandeya Entrance