We all know its January already and no matter how much you train your mind but you can’t help to move to fresh fashion. Specially when the sale period is going on.

There are strong chances when you will probably pick some awesome pieces to cover you over this chilly winter period. With this opting for saavy stuffs you will be able to carry it to the next season. Also when you know that spring is super exciting to wait for.

Need a glance to know how you can dress up this year?  Are you Impatient too? We came up with answers for you. You can keep a pace in minimalism yet look amazing. 

1) Graphic tee and step-hem denim

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Graphic tee and hem denim combination worked pretty well in 2016 and we are expecting the same for 2017 too. So investing in this will be a smart decision.

2) knit and pencil skirt


Img source

Donot hesitate to make this your new work outfit. Pencil skirt is rebirth with perfect finish along with knit.

3) Culottes and blouse


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Cullotes? Yes they are still in. Cool with Strappy heels. You don’t have to go and buy new stuffs , you can simply recreate this look.

4) Cargo pants


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There is this amazing news that utilitarian cargo pants are back again. So 2017 will be the year you can rely on these cargo pants.

5) Tonal shades of khaki



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Different shades of khaki are booming these days. And will be a large part of the new wave of 2017’s style. So go with these cool colours.

6) Tee shirt dress


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No need to worry girls, 2017 is boldly welcoming tee shirt dress . So carry your bagpacks and pair it with sneakers.