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Makeup sponges are the must have essentials in makeup kit.  I was a girl who never wore makeup mainly foundation and now I find myself dealing with it all the time whenever I am out.  I bought my 1st makeup sponge at forever 21 and fascinated with them ever since.

So I keep on changing my beauty blenders and makeup brushes. I often wash them and for the other time I use a different one while another one sits and dries.

Instructions of using beauty blender:-



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All of these sponges you’re supposed to soak them, squeeze out the water.



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Place some of your foundation on your hand or palette. Then dab your foundation at the base of the sponge.  And then you can blend your foundation all over your face & neck.



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The pointed end you can use for the parts closest to your eyes or nose.


Though I’ve always preferred to put the foundation directly on my face with my fingers, and then I will blend it out with the sponge. So it’s your call.

Tip to use beauty blender –

This is not just for foundation. So you can use them with blush, concealer, & contouring. But remember to only dab. Wiping will not help.

what I recommend you –

Forever 21’s Makeup Contouring Sponge


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It’s different than all the others, that you’re not supposed to soak it. To use it, you can put the foundation on your face. And simply use it as brush. It is easy to use.