How to Select Barware from an Online Store


Stocking your bar with the appropriate equipment and glassware doesn’t have to be onerous and overwhelming if you know exactly where to look. Local catering outlets are good places to shop if you want to inspect each bar piece closely before making the purchase. However, online kitchen supply websites are the best places to source your glassware from, especially if you don’t have the time to scour every local store.

Kitchenware websites provide extensive selections of barware and accessories that will make your home or commercial bar the perfect place to entertain guests. In fact, there are many advantages to shopping online for these types of products, ranging from extensive choices to bargain deals and unique finds. Consider the following tips and guidelines when shopping for barware for your business or your personal home bar:

  • Look for durability – Save money in the long run by choosing, durable, lasting glassware. This is where brand name products come to play. It is better to spend more on your barware initially than inflate your expenses later because of subpar glassware. Choose pieces from recognized manufacturers and brands to make sure your barware, particularly glass accessories, won’t chip, break, or crack easily.
  • Match your glasses and mugs with your bar decor – If you take time to observe established bars, you will notice that they either use either elegant, fine dining glassware or more casual options that are more suitable to a relaxed and upbeat environment. Your choice should really depend on the kind of bar you are running—whether it is an upscale saloon or a casual tavern. The right glassware will help your guests and customers associate your brand to their experience or a certain first impression, which makes all the difference in their satisfaction level. Make your choices pleasing to look at so they will stand out, especially when the bar is the first thing your customers/guests see when entering your restaurant/home.
  • Avoid bulky glassware – Bulky glasses may look good against table settings and add interesting novelty to your entire bar set-up. However, guests prefer drinking ware that they can easily hold. If you must go for oversized glasses like beer mugs, make sure they have a handle that customers can grip to secure their drinks. Treat your barware as the focal point of your guests’ and customers’ dining experience instead of mere accessories.
  • Make your selection varied –Use a wide selection of glassware to make sure you have everything you need for every type of drink you wish to serve.