Farzi Cafe | Cyber Hub | New Food Menu


With so many international cuisines coming into India and making their mark in the Indian food industry there are some places around us which keep us coming back to our roots. One such place is Farzi Cafe. When we are accepting modernization in all of walks of lives then why not dining.

Talking about the ambience of the place, it’s quite glamorous with an elegant chandelier at the entrance, a vintage bar at the left hand side of the huge alley and a dedicated place for the live music

Be ready to give your taste buds a contemporary twist while you munch your very own Indian cuisine.
Indulge into a gastronomic illusion at Farzi Cafe where finest indian cuisine meets culinary art and the alchemy of modern presentations.
Diving into their food, every dish served at the first sight makes you wonder about what it is and once you take a bite you will take a millisecond to murmur its name.

It’s a sort of place where you will feel full with the appetite but you will like to try more and more just to see the modernization done with the flavours.