Look for the Perfect Hangout


I love red and so is this dress. I styled this dress with my favorite heels and never knew that red & nude could ever make such a nice combination. So that this look appears to be simpler, I have made a choice to pair my dress with simple jewelry and a makeup pouch which I’m carrying as a clutch. It is always nice to enhance the outfit with the help of an accessory and this is when sunglasses come to the rescue! Just pair of black sunglasses is enough to complete the outfit and to make sure that you are all set to go out and have a fun time!


For all those who are still figuring out what to wear, try to pair your best dress with heels or something gifted by your love; perfect for lunch/dinner dates and even if you want to hangout with your girls, this outfit never fails. Women don’t really dress up for men, they dress up for themselves. At the end it’s all about loving yourself.



Blogger : Taneea Sharma
Instagram : taneea_allthingsabstract