The Fuss Around ‘NO-MAKEUP’ !


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I hope you all are doing good. Allow me to introduce myself – I am Priyanka Sharma, a YouTuber by Passion & the girl you’d see on camera if you visit my Fashion & Lifestyle channel – ‘Gal In Vogue‘ !

Being into this world of Beauty & Makeup has exposed me to alot of people… Some of them appreciate my work & passion for Makeup & All-Things-Girly, while some of them troll me for being a Makeup Lover (which I find really really funny !) So today I thought of penning down my views as a girl who just loves makeup… I hope this post would make some sense to you & you’d appreciate my point of view, I do not intend to offend anyone though 🙂

I am really surprised to come across men who believe that Makeup makes a girl FAKE & the women who associate ‘No Makeup‘ with ‘Natural Beauty‘… it’s outright funny & senseless at the same time! Makeup is an art afterall… it is used to enhance the ‘outer’ beauty & is in no way a reflection of your ‘inner’ self. Makeup is a tool that can make a girl feel beautiful but it can’t change the person you are from inside. On the other hand, a clean ‘No-Makeup’ face does not guarantee a clean heart, so how can one compare ‘No Makeup’ to ‘Natural Beauty’?


Natural Beauty‘, for me, is not a reflection of your face, but of your heart & your soul. I consider a person naturally beautiful if he/she has a kind heart, who loves without discrimination, who respects the known & the unknown, who does not try to bring down others but encourages them to do better in life, who motivates the people around & makes world a better place to live…. I know this sounds philosophical, but that is exactly what ‘Natural Beauty’ means to me. It is not the superficial skin, but it is what comes from within.

Stepping into the world of Fashion has given me a chance to interact with numerous ladies who are absolute makeup-addicts (just like me). Here are the women who not only have a beautiful face, but a beautiful soul as well… they are strong women, the women of the modern society, who are much above ‘insecurity’ & ‘jealousy’, who uplift others… I have also come across men who respect women & do not judge them by their face or body. I consider myself lucky to have gotten a chance to get to know these wonderful people & be friends with them 🙂

For the other confused men & women, who cannot differentiate between ‘No Makeup’ & ‘Natural Beauty’, I can only hope that they open their eyes & see what a wonderful world it is… with makeup or without makeup, because it really doesn’t matter… there’s absolutely no need to create an unnecessary hype about it or to pass their baseless judgements… if you can respect a girl who has passion for musical instruments, you might as well respecte a girl who has passion for makeup; she’s not fake, she just loves it!

Well, this is just my perspective. I am sure there would be a lot of people who might not agree with me on this; I respect your opinion & would expect the same in return.

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