Glam up old Jeans



So quick story time. I saw beautiful embossed denim jeans in the mall for Rs.5000, and well that is too much money for me to spend on a pair of jeans when I can DIY them in about Rs.50 at home!

What you will need?

  • A pair of old jeans (Free right?)
  • Medium 2 ( Camel 20 ml bottle cost me Rs.15)
  • The fabric specialist metallic powder in gold (Rs.25)
  • A dish to mix paint to medium
  • Paint brush (Rs. 10)
  • A stencil of your choice




Steps to get your glam on!

  • Mix your medium with the powder paint in 1:1 consistency in the dish. Then take a stencil of your choice, I took stars and dab on the paint using your paintbrush


  • I decided to do a stars all over the jean, front and back


  • For the back pockets I created a horizontal ombre


  • Now let it dry and voila your pants are ready to be styled!! For washing and maintenance follow the directions on the medium


Thanks a lot! Like and comment if you would totally do this and get your glam on without burning a hole in your pocket.

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