Mugdha Godse walked the ramp for SATOMI at INDIA RUNWAY WEEK!


17th September, Delhi: SATOMI by Rakam presented their exquisite collection ‘Myrah’ at the fashion gala INDIA RUNWAY WEEK with Mugdha Godse as the showstopper. SATOMI’s collection ‘Myrah’, is a feminine blend of innocence and beauty in an almost poetic way. The name ‘Myrah’ goes back to the ancient times of 17th century. It elucidates an aristocratic lady who is extraordinary and admirable. It symbolizes women of exquisite charm, with motifs inspired by age old art with a modern twist to create history.

“At SATOMI, it is our endeavor to redefine & push creative boundaries. Every woman is unique & so is every SATOMI Saree. Our new collection ‘Myrah’ emboldens and reveals the essence of a captivating and splendidly statuesque woman with a strong sense of self.” says Karsan Bedi, brand owner, SATOMI

“One can acquire our “Myrah” in various 100 percent pure silk fabrics like satin, crepe, Georgette, chiffon  as per their taste & preference for respective fabrics . All our sarees come with a 100 silk mark. Assuring you about the authenticity of our product.” adds Mr. Bedi in a statement.

He also feels Mugda Godse perfectly epitomizes the brand essence. “I think Mugdha is very feminine & bold on style & would echo the Brand’s aesthetics & we are really happy to have her as a showstopper in India runway week. She will certainly add that extra spark to the entire affair on the D Day. We are looking forward to our participation in Indian Runway week” He said.

Karsan Bedi is the founder and CEO of Satomi. He envisages making Indian traditional apparel, from the house of Satomi, an epitome of fashion and sophistication. He oversees the overall operations and expansion of the Satomi brand and is also responsible for the strategic planning of the company.


SATOMI is synonymous with Urbane Sophistication. A brand of limited edition silk Saris and Accessories, SATOMI allows the young Indian woman to express her individuality in a global atmosphere.

SATOMI digitally printed, high quality silk clothing and fabrics are exclusively crafted keeping aspirations of the new empowered woman in mind. The colors, patterns, styling, all point towards an exclusivity born out of a truly international blend of elegance and design.

True to the meaning of this (Japanese) word, which signifies inner beauty, SATOMI has pledged to start a Satomi Breast Care Foundation, in association with leading hospitals.

Supported by RAKAM EXPORTS, a company exporting high quality silk accessories to brands across Europe and America, SATOMI silks come out of a fully integrated facility.