How to Play With Dark Lipsticks


I know you love makeup and like to be trendy  but stuck at the moment when fashion alerts you to wear dark lipsticks. It’s obvious, you feel insecure like I does first time. But they are lucky to go look because:
1. They suits all skin tones.
2. Can be used as both day and night makeup.
3. You don’t need to be a cat eye expert for them.
I’m showing you my play with chocolate brown matte lipstick from victoriasecrets.

So here are three tips to play on how to play with dark lipsticks?

1. Minimum eye makeup
Don’t go with smoked eyes or heavy eyeshadows. Have light or nude eye shadows with single stroke eyeliner or kohl and mascara.Don’t play with bold liners. I go with lorealparis kohl on upper lashes and maybelline hyper curl mascara.
FullSizeRender (1)

2.peach blush or Bronze or highlight face
If you are makeup expert then use contour techniques,use bronzer or highlighter for defining cheek bones. And if you wanna keep it natural, apply peach blush. I go with maybellineindia peach glow blush and revlon bronze glow highlighter.
FullSizeRender (2)
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3.use matte dark lipsticks
Go for matte dark lipsticks instead of glossy, I find them good for hallowe’en. I go with victoriasecrets matte brown lipstick.


Now go and recreate this look or try some other dark lipsticks.

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