So much was heard about this Emirate called Dubai. The land of Sheikhs, Shoppers’ Paradise, the Commercial Desert etc., and all this is exactly what I experienced it to be!
Nothing more, nothing less!

Nevertheless, it was a trip worth remembering…..

It was a four days trip and the very first place I went was of course, The Dubai Mall!


As we had just landed in Dubai that evening, I was in my most comfortable attire wearing my French Connection sweat shirt and my all time favourite H&M jeggings.

The next morning was a city tour comprising of the famous hotel Atlantis, the Jumeria Beach and the mini Indian – Pakistan market of Dubai, Meena Bazar.

For the tour, I chose a breezy yet comfortable outfit, as there was supposed to be a lot of walking around to do. I styled a Forever 21 crop top with the H&M jeggings and opted for my black Aldo oxfords.

For the evening, we visited the Dubai Mall again and took a tour of the Aquarium and experienced the beautiful aquatic life.



For this, I opted for one of my favourite outfits, my pretty French Connection dress and teamed it up with my black Aldo Oxfords. To complete the look and save myself from the freezing air conditioning inside the mall, I wore a pastel H&M shrug that I bought from Dubai itself.

To end the day on a high note, we decided to pay our visit to the ‘Top of the World’ a.k.a Burj Khalifa’s 129th floor ( highest for visitors’ tour)

The third day plan was a trip to Abu Dhabi. However, before heading there we took a quick around of the Dubai Mall yet again!

Today’s styling was done in a Forever 21’s crop top paired with Forever 21’s demin shorts. To save myself from freezing, I wore my Vero Moda Jacket which gave the outfit the extra edge.

Oh yes, if you wondering where those shades from, those beauties are from Charles and Keith!

Moving on, the fourth day was saved for the super exciting desert safari! The attire for the day was a Forever 21 jumpsuit.


And after the adventurous safari and some mesmerizing dance performances, my Dubai trip came to a bittersweet end.

Hope you enjoyed reading and viewing as much as I enjoyed compiling and penning it down for you.

Stay tuned for more such fashion filled blog posts!


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