Affordable Gifts To Give Your Techie Friends This Holiday Season


2015 has almost come to an end. With the holiday season coming up, it’s time when we play games like Secret Santa and exchange gifts with each other. The joy of seeing someone smile when they receive a gift, and knowing that you are the reason behind it, is priceless.

Technology has become a vital part of our lives now; and what better gifts than those from the tech world to make the season more merrier. Thinking about a gift is always a difficult task, but we have gathered some gift ideas, which will be light on your pocket while being amazing at the same time.


1. Portable Speakers

Music is an essential part of an average Joe’s life. So what better than a device which helps you carry it around all the time? A portable speaker is an idle go-to gift, it is small, compact and can be used anywhere. Just connect it to your phone via Bluetooth and groove to them tunes.

Source: mydukkan


2. USB OTG Pen Drive

A clever invention this one; the USB On-The-Go Pen Drive makes your life very easy. This has 2 ports, a USB and a Micro-USB. It connects directly to your Android phone and can be used to transfer files and data. The same can also be connected to a PC and act as a normal Pen Drive.

Source: fonearena


3. Phone Covers

A phone cover is an ideal gift for those who like to get creative with their device and add some protection. From designer to protective ones, there is  a wide array of covers in the market to choose from. With the option of customized designs also available, sky is the limit.

Source: styldrv


4. Selfie Stick

“Chal beta selfie le le re”. This has become the motto of our current generation. In a selfie-obsessed world, a selfie stick comes in very handy. It helps you take wide angle shots with ease so that you can show off more than just your face. Clicking group shots also becomes very convenient.

Source: express


5. Power Bank

Smartphones have officially taken over the world. We can’t really imagine our lives without them. But what happens when devices run out of battery? A power bank is an ideal savior in this scenario as it is portable and can easily fit inside your pocket. Just plug your phone into it and get that much needed charge when you need it the most.

Source: igeeksblog 


6. Tripod

A tripod is an ideal gift for any camera-lover. It’s a very handy device and helps you take those stable shots with ease and precision. Just mount your camera or phone on it and you are sorted. It is ideal for low shutter-speed shots as well.

Source: photogizmos


7. Earphones

The most clichéd, yet the most useful gift can be a good pair of cans. Earphones form the perfect companion. They isolate you from all the outdoor noise and let you be in your own world with those amazing tunes. Just plug them in and forget the world.

Source: blog 


8. USB Mug Warmer

Tired of sipping that cold coffee/tea at work? This cute little invention shaped in the form of a cookie can help you with that. All you have to do is connect it with your laptop via USB and place your cup on it. It will keep your drink warm and save you from all the fuss.

Source: hitplay


9. Phone Camera Lens Kit

Smartphone photography has become a rage these days because why not? DSLR cameras are generally expensive and not many can afford them. These small lens kits are very useful in enhancing your photographs and give them that extra detail. So grab your phone, place the camera lenses with the attached clip and you are good to go.

Source: pocketnow


10. USB Lamp

For all those people who have laptops without backlit keyboards, this device is a blessing. A savior in all those times where you just want minimal lighting which is just enough to let you type. Alternatively, it can act as a table lamp also!

Source: hardwareshpere


So what are you waiting for? Choose what suits you best and get gifting!